Pythagoras Pizza partners with UberRUSH to substantially increase delivery capacity

June 9, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO – June 9, 2021 – Pythagoras, a vertically integrated artisan pizza delivery service, today announced its partnership with UberRUSH to scale delivery volume. The company has been working with UberRUSH on a private API integration for the past 6 weeks and is among the first partners to have direct access.

This integration allows Pythagoras to tap into Uber’s network of drivers to handle delivery while maintaining complete control over the user experience.

“Orders tend to come in spikes which puts immense pressure on us to accurately forecast volume and staff drivers accordingly. With this new integration, the burden of forecasting demand is offset by an elastic delivery solution,” said Evan Kuo, founder and CEO of Pythagoras. “UberRUSH has greatly simplified the complex problem of delivery logistics for us, it has been extremely valuable.”

Following the integration, Pythagoras was able to instantly capture previously unmet orders due to driver capacity limits, resulting in an immediate 20% increase in daily order volume.

UberRUSH now covers 50% of deliveries, which has also allowed Pythagoras to promote its top delivery staff into higher impact operational roles. “With this partnership, we can grow the business responsibly, widen our delivery radius, and expand into other regions of San Francisco and Northern California,” said Evan Kuo.

See the announcement of the partnership on Uber’s blog here:

About Pythagoras Pizza

Pythagoras reimagines delivery-pizza by combining elegant software design with deliciously crafted pies, and a mischievous love for sharing art. Pythagoras has developed a full stack solution, which includes an iOS client application, streamlined backend dispatch applications, and a fermentation process for producing dough optimized for delivery.

First time users receive a $20 credit. In May 2016, Pythagoras changed its name from Pi Pizza and widened its delivery radius within San Francisco. For detailed stories about its cover art and design, please visit their updated website:


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