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September, 2017


Pythagoras Pizza (San Francisco, CA) is developing a Tokenized Alternative to Franchised Governance in which all contributors can share in the success of the companies they help build. In this radically fair model, hardworking contractors & employees in the service industry will see the potential for economic mobility currently reserved for private technology startup employees.


“This is an exciting and hopeful time. Many of the block-chain businesses we've seen have the potential to create wealth for savvy tech investors, but the tokenization of Regional B2C Service Businesses can actually usher in a new era of economic mobility for working class Americans.” - Evan Kuo, CEO


a new era of economic mobility


Long admiring the worker owned co-op model for its equitable incentive structure and high quality output, Pythagoras and its founders sought to design a digitally scalable incentive structure that allows service providing members of their network to enjoy the benefits of both near-term liquidity and long term alignment with the company’s success. Service providers include, but are not limited to: food service professionals, delivery drivers, and product evangelists.


“The work we do is at the intersection of software, food service, and transportation logistics, and our team reflects that intersection. We’re unusually diverse for a startup, which makes the value of tokenization extremely obvious -- I see no reason why we can’t all benefit from the near and long-term alignment that tokenization offers.” - Jessica Yen, Co-Founder




The company's goal is to implement this token protocol, and make it available to other Regional BTC Businesses that want to similarly reward members of their service network.

Token Features


The key features we take advantage of are Liquidity & Divisibility. Near term liquidity allows companies to compensate service providers earlier on; unlike private stock options, token holders don’t have to wait for an acquisition or IPO to realize benefits. Moreover, tokens can easily be subdivided into smaller units. Divisibility allows us to motivate members for micro-services that would otherwise be a poor fit for equity compensation.

Before Tokenization


“Work for us for 4-years and when we exit you'll share in the company's success."

After Tokenization


"Deliver this pizza, Invite a Friend, or Cover Jenny’s shift, and you will share in the company's success."

Our Network
Normal Network

A Regional B2C Service Business is a network of users, influencers, drivers, and food service professionals.

Tokenized Network

A Tokenized Regional B2C Service Business is a network of users, influencers, drivers, and food service professionals motivated by infinitely divisible block-chain tokens.

Value Alignment


We are a revenue generating business, and we believe in becoming good actors in the economy. Our strategy is to align token value with demand for consumption and reward service providing members for mining actions that drive growth, consumption, production, and fulfillment.


Our model scales token demand with sales revenue implicitly. This ensures that token value appreciates as a function of growth rather than pure speculation. Customers will be able to purchase goods and services using our token, but we don’t assume the near-term mainstream adoption of crypto-wallets, and will primarily receive payments in fiat near-term and gradually proceed towards full adoption.

Liquidity Reserve


To maintain liquidity, the company allocates a reserve pool dedicated to buying and selling tokens. The reserve pricing model will center around a fixed reserve ratio to discourage flash sales & purchases. The balance of this reserve scales commensurately with demand for good and services. See the whitepaper for more details.

Initial Use Cases
Tokens by Referral
Tokens by Ordering
Tokens by Delivery
Tokens by Production
Tokens will be granted based on pizzas served per staff member