About Us


Emily Dickenson once said that, "Nature is a haunted house, but pizza is a house that tries to be haunted." Wait–real time update here–actually strike that. Art. She meant art.


Here at Pythagoras, our philosophy is that delivery pizza is an art. Everything–from the crust to the local produce sourcing to the packaging to every line of code–is thoughtfully created and executed. We never understood why pizza (the best food in the world) had to take an hour and arrive at your door, soggy and cheaply flavored.


So in 2015, a math + pizza-loving software engineer enlisted the help of a chef wandering around the bay with a woodfire oven and a few bakers to create a secret sourdough recipe.


Today, Pythagoras is comprised of a small team of 6, resolved in our determination to serve art disguised as delivery.

Our Ecosystem


tbox = ttransit + twait

Our pizzas taste better because they were designed from the bottom up for < 20 min box-time -- and the backbone of < 20 min box-time is a network of users and service providers.

Point-to-Point Delivery

Batching leaves you with a lowest-common-denominator pizza. Instead we use queueing for superior quality & consistency. We deliver point-to-point, minimizing transit-time!

Realtime Kitchen Cues

We cue kitchen tasks based on realtime information and prep is timed to be complete at driver pickup. This minimizes the wait-time!

Our Logistics Stack


The logic behind minimizing box-time (Point-to-Point Delivery, Location Tracking, Queuing, Kitchen Notifications, Rewards, Gifting, Demand Smoothing, etc ...) is all managed by our software stack.