Hi Friends,

You may have noticed that we recently added sales tax and a small delivery fee and thought to yourself, "What's that all about?" Well please allow us to explain!

Since the beginning, our goal has been to serve high quality pizzas at an affordable price ... and deliver it to your curbside in record time to boot.

As we've s l o w l y grown out of beta, we've realized that in order to keep achieving this goal and run a business with integrity, we couldn't sustainably keep our beta prices.

The three main reasons are:


It's really important to us that we don't skimp on ingredients, and anyone whose Friday night Food Network binge-watching marathon has ever led them to a Saturday morning farmer's market run in search for imported cheese and fresh, local produce can attest that things can add up quicker than you can say radicchio! But we truly believe that natural, real foods are worth it. I mean, isn't a flavorless pizza just empty carbs? That's just unacceptable!


Fast delivery has always been a non-negotiable for us. Pizzas get baked and handed immediately to our drivers, who then zoom them off to your curbside. In order to do this night after night, we rely on our tireless kitchen staff, exceptional drivers, and UberRUSH partners. This is not the place we want to cut corners, so we pay our team almost double minimum wage.


And lastly, this is one we all feel the pain on: SF rent. We work out of one of the pro-est, cleanest, most friendly commissary kitchens in SF, and we love it there. As you might have guessed, it ain't cheap to keep, but rent is something no one can avoid. (But if you can or are currently doing so, please DM me your secrets in exchange for a lifetime of pizza)

Even with the recent addition of Sales Tax and delivery, we're still cheaper than almost every other delivery pizza option out there. All told our pizzas cost about $2 more than a Dominos 14" delivery.

We hope that this clarifies why we had to make these pricing changes, and we hope you'll still have room in your busy lives for tasty and fast pizza from Pythagoras!

If you have any questions feel free to email