Our Secret Sourdough Crust


It took 8 months to create our secret crust recipe. The starting point of our philosophy was simple. Neighborhood delivery joints sucked. Chain pizza delivery also sucked ... unless you like eating soggy pizza with a distinct cardboard flavor.


With 40 years of combined baking experience, our chefs & engineers vowed to treat the crust with the same respect as world class bread. Meaning, it had to have robust flavor and texture on it's own and could never hide behind toppings ... in fact, the crust had to be a main player in the overall experience. And the most important test of all? It had to pair well with wine on it's own.


You can test the flavor of any pizza crust on your own by ripping off a piece of the crust, dipping it in a little olive oil, and trying it with your favorite wine. Do this a few times and you'll taste the visceral difference.


But our quest never ends. Even to this day, we're still testing out new dough recipes in case something better is out there!